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Papal Documents Page
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Pope Benedict XVI

Caritas In Veritate 
Part I    Part II    Part III     Part IV     Part V     Part VI     Part VII
Deus Caritas Est
Part I Part II Part III

Spe Salvi
Part 1 Part II Part III

Apostolic Exhortations
Sacramentum Caritatis
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part IV

Pope John Paul II
Redeemptor Hominus
Part I Part II Part III
Dives in Misericordia
Part 1 Part II Part III
Laborem Exercens
Part I Part II Part III
Slavorum Apostoli
Part I Part II
Dominum et Vivificantem
Part I Part II Part III Part IV 
Redemptoris Mater
Part I Part II Part III Part IV
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis
Part I Part II Part III 
Redemptoris Missio
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V
Centessimus Annus
Part I Part IIPart III Part IV
Veritatis Splendor
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI
Evangelium Vitae
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI
Ut Unum Sint
Part I Part II Part III  Part IV 
Fides Et Ratio
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI 
 Ecclesia de Eucharistia
Part I Part II Part III

Apostolic Exhortations
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI
Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V
Part I Part II Part III

Pope Paul VI
Humanae Vitae
Part 1
Sacerdotalis Caelibatus (Priestly Celibacy)
Part I Part II
Popularium Progresso (Development of Nations)
Part I Part II
Christi Matri (Prayers For Peace in October)
Part I
Mysterium Fidei (On The Eucharist)
Part I Part II
Mense Maio (Prayers For Peace in May)
Part I 
Ecclesiam Suam (On the Church)
Part I Part II Part III

Apostolic Exhortation
Gaudette in Domino (On Christian Joy)
Part I Part II
Evangelii Nuntiandi
Part I Part II Part III
Marialis Cultis (On Devotion to Mary)
Part I Part II Part III
Evangelica Testificatio (Renewal of Religous Life)
Part I Part II 
Signum Magnum (The Great Sign)
Part I 

Pope John XXIII
Paenitentium Agere (On Practice of Interior Penance) Part I

Pacem In Terris (On Universal Peace) Part I Part II 

Mater Et Magistra (On Social Progress) Part I Part II Part III

Aeterna Dei Sapientia (See of Peter as Center of Unity) Part I

Ad Petri Cathedram (On Truth and Unity) Part I Part II

On the Precious Blood Part I

On Pope St. Leo the Great Part I

On The Priesthood Part I Part II

On The Pope as Supreme Shepherd Part I Part II

Pope Pius XII
On The Unity Of Human Society (Summi Pontificatus)
Part I Part II 

On The Mystical Body of Christ (Mystici Corporis Christi) 
 Part I Part II Part III 

On the Sacred Liturgy (Mediator Dei)
 Part I Part II Part III 

Humani Generis Part I

On Devotion to The Sacred Heart (Haurietis Aquas)
Part I Part II 

On Biblical Studies (Divino Afflante Spiritu)
Part I Part II

Combatting Atheism (Anni Sacri) Part I

Proofs for the Existence of God. Part I

Queenship Of Mary (Ad Caeli Regina)Part I

On The Assumption of Mary Part I

Pius XI

Casti Connubii Part I Part II Part III 

On the Feast of Christ the King Part I

Mit Brennender Sorge Part I Part II 

On The Sacred Heart Part I

On The Priesthood Part Part II

Social Order Part I Part II Part III 

On Communistic Atheism Part I Part II

Pope Leo XIII

On The Rosary

On Christian Philosophy Part I Part II

Devotion To The Sacred Heart 
On Christian Marriage Part I Part II

On Freemasonry

On Freemasonry Part 2

On The Holy Spirit  Part I Part II

Life of The Christian

The Study Of Holy Scripture

On The Unity of the Church Part I Part II Part III

Jesus Christ The Redeemer

Pope Clement XIII

Summa Quae ["On the Church in Poland"] (1768)
 Christianae Reipublicae ["The Dangers of Anti-Christian Writings"] (1766)
In Dominico Agro ["On Instruction in the Faith"] (1761)
Cum Primum ["On Observing Canonical Sanctions"] (1759)
 Appetente Sacro ["On the Spiritual Advantages of Fasting"] (1759)
 A Quo Die ["On Unity Among Christians"] (1758)

Pope Benedict XIV

Ex Quo ["On the Euchologion"]
Part I Part II Part III Part IV  (1756)
Ex Omnibus ["On the Apostolic ConstitutionUnigenitus"] (1756)
 Allatae Sunt ["On the Observance of Oriental Rites"] (1755)
Quod Provinciale ["On Christians Using Mohammedan Names"] (1754)
 Cum Religiosi ["On Catechesis"] (1754)
 A Quo Primum ["On Jews and Christians Living in the Same Place"] (1751)
 Peregrinantes ["Proclaiming a Holy Year for 1750"] (1749)
 Apostolica Constitutio ["On Preparation for the Holy Year"]
Part I Part II (1749)
Magnae Nobis ["On Marriage Impediments and Dispensations"] (1748)
 Vix Pervenit ["On Usury and other Dishonest Profit"] (1745)
 Nimiam Licentiam ["On Validity of Marriages"] (1743)
 Quanta Cura ["Forbidding Traffic in Alms"] (1741)
 Ubi Primum ["On the Duties of Bishops"] (1740)

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