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My name is Tim Killmeyer and I am a deacon with the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. I am currently assigned to help with the pastoral care of the sick in the area surrounding Ohio Valley Hospital in Kennedy Township and I am attached to Holy Trinity Parish in Robinson Township for liturgical and sacramental duties. In addition, I teach CCD classes at Holy Trinity, help with some of the religious education at the school, and teach adult ed classes for the diocese. 

 I have the great honor and pleasure of having the opportunity of preaching the homily once a month at one of the Masses at Holy Trinity. What you will find to the right here is the fruit of that work. I’ve tried to arrange these in cyclical order.  That is, with Cycle A readings first, Cycle B second, & Cycle C third. I’ve used a computer in composing my homilies since I was ordained and found it so easy to send copies to fellow deacons, friends, and family with just the click of a button that I send them out each month as Tim’s Monthly Snoozer. I do it mainly in the hope of starting an exchange of ideas. Dave Keene and Catholic Apologetics  Network has graciously allowed me space here to share some of my thoughts.

 I say my thoughts but keep in mind as you are reading these that only some of them are entirely my thoughts. Many of them are composed using many sources: books, magazines, newspaper articles, old theology notes from college, etc., some word-for-word and some changed by me to more easily fit the format of the spoken word. Unlike a Master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation, these were never originally meant to be published, so there are no footnotes, etc. I apologize for that and hope the original writers agree that in matters of a spiritual nature it is the dissemination of the idea that matters the most. 

Also, as you read them, be aware that I do not necessarily read them verbatim at Mass but try use them only as a point-by-point reference.

I would suggest that it helps if you read at least the Gospel passage referred to or even better, if  you have access to a Lectionary, read all the readings for that particular day in the cycle as noted at the top of each page before you read the reflection. But this is not always necessary.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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